Thursday, May 19, 2016

Part Time Indian Quote Response

"If you stay on the rez, they're going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. We're all going to kill you" (Alexie 43)

This quote shows whats been happening to Indians for the past decades. However, it doesn't literally mean that Junior is going to literally get killed, it is a metaphorical phrase. it metaphorically means that society is going to kill his Indian culture. That's why he said " we're all going to kill you". All represents everyone in society. Then when Alexie says "we're all going to kill you" he means junior's Indian culture. This quote is very true and has been shown in the past decades with the government suppressing Indians into reserves where many are unemployed and alcoholics. In the solid statistics Indians live 20 years less then average Americans. Clearly Indians culture has been getting "killed" recently.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good People In An Uncivilized Place Blog

When good people are put in an uncivilized place, it all comes down to natural instincts. When it all comes down to it, people are naturally more concerned with their own survival rather than the good of others. It is like in the lord of the flies. Ralph was so intent on not being savage throughout the whole entire book. However, he was pushed to his breaking point when everyone started hunting him down. Then Ralph turned into just as much a savage, if not more, than the other boys. It very much depends on the person. Like in the Walking Dead you know that Merle is more more of a savage than Rick Grimes. In the end though, everyone becomes a savage because everyone has a breaking point where everything become too much and they need to become a savage or evil for their own well being.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mob Mentality in Lord of The Flies

In Lord of The Flies, a massive concept is mob mentality. The whole books plot basically relies upon mob mentality. Although mob mentality has made a destructive name for its self in the past with a number of protests; mob mentality can be beneficial to people and especially the people stuck on the island in LOTF. An example of this good mob mentality is hunting for the pig. When Jack and all of his followers jump on the pig and kill it, that was mob mentality. Jack alone wouldn't have killed that pig on his own, and especially not in such a brutal manner. This was beneficial towards the community because now they have meat to eat. However, turning 180 degrees from that is what they used the pig for. They took the pig, cut its head off, and piked it on a steak. What a barbaric thing to do!! From kids who are just twelve! Obviously, barbaric or not, no kid would've just cut off a pigs head and staked it! This was the mob mentality kicking in and the boys losing their sense of self control. These are the positive and negative aspects of mob mentality in Lord of The Flies.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lord of The Flies

"Flames were mastering the branches"-(98, Golding)

In this quote, the branches are being personified as Eric. This part of the book is when Eric sees the "beast" or realizes the dead dude in the parachute. Golding used personification here to really show the intensity of the moment. key words in this quote are flames and mastering. The flames represent the fear going through Eric at this time. This works perfectly in this situation because flames are harmful, aggressive, and lethal; all adjectives that people try to avoid because it scares them. Mastering also works perfect in this situation. Just image a plethora of bright orange flame completely engulfing a bundle of branches. The dictionary definition of mastering is to gain control of or overcome. That is exactly what fear does to Eric. Have you ever been mastered by fear? When your heat skips a couple of beats and you feel all around suddenly cold. Feeling as though you've just been revived from dead. Golding uses that personification for imagery. It really gave me that exact image of being completely mastered by fear.

This image represents the quote how I see it. With the branches being Eric and the flames being fear you can clearly see that the branches are completely engulfed, or mastered, by the flames. Another reason I like this photo is because of the different colored flames. To me this represents all the different thoughts and feelings going through him when he sees the "beast".

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Can you teach people to have empathy? Article Response

Can you teach people to have empathy? I say it all depends on the person. There are certain people who are going to willingly want to make so called "life changes". Many people just want to change their view on the world or how they act with the expectation of a more happy, enjoyable life. My answer to the question therefore is it all depends on the person. If you take another person who was brought up in a rotten family where his parents yelled at him 24/7 and never showed any love, then he or she isn't going to want to try and improve on their non-existent empathy.
"According to the latest neuroscience research, 98% of people have the ability to empathize wired into their brains..."(BBC Magazine,1). This is another argument, that everyone has to be able to learn empathy because everyone has it. It makes sense, empathy is proven to be a part of the human brains. My counterargument to this is that empathy is like integrity. Everyone starts with a full "glass" of integrity in their live, but do you think people going around excessively stealing objects everyday have much integrity. Do you think that people who commit school shootings, or people that haven't taken a test in their life with out cheating have much integrity. No, and my argument is that the same thing applies to empathy. Sure, everyone has empathy but people can lose it as they live their lives. It all comes down to how they were raised and the examples shown to them as kids. If someone has lived 20 or 30 years of their life with very low empathy, your not going to be able to teach them to have more empathy with just some exercises that the person will willingly have to do.
In conclusion, being able to teach someone completely revolves around the person. You can't just teach any person to have more empathy, they need to be compliant as well. Finally, it depends on the persons personality and character traits that the person posses to be able to get learn empathy.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mental Illness Response

In the movie "American Psycho" Christian Bale plays "Patrick Bateman". Patrick Bateman seems to suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder. Symptoms of this condition are where peoples method of thinking, or perceiving emotions, is dysfunctional. People with this disorder generally are unable to relate to family or others emotions. This leads to them generally harshly manipulating people. People suffering from this disorder also can break the law and have no regret. This movie portrays this mental illness very negatively. Granted Bateman works on the stock market and makes a fortune, at night he performs lethal experiments with death. He goes from rampages of shooting random people, to dropping a chainsaw on a woman. He clearly shows major symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder. In all, besides having great fortune, Patrick Bateman is portrayed very poorly towards the mental illness he possesses.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Healing Power of Holding a Grudge Response- James Riseborough

Healing Power of a Grudge Response

I partially agree with Simon Doonan on this topic. There are times in the article when Doonan says that holding a grudge is healthy. That statement alone I don't agree with. In the past experiences of my life I've found that many people make mistakes. I've also found that when you hold a grudge against someone for a mistake, or when someone holds a grudge against you for a mistake it really only drags out the problem. However, on page 2 paragraph 5, Doonan states "If some drunken jerk wants to pick a fight or insults your choice of shoe, then by all means turn the other cheek. But rape and murder? Not so much." I do agree with this statement. Some things are unforgivable or at least very very hard to forgive. If someone murdered my dad there is no way, ever, that you would see me forgive them. So I am not black or white in this situation on whether I agree or disagree that holding a grudge is good. I'm in between believing that in certain more minor cases you shouldn't hold a grudge. I do believe that when more dramatic circumstances happen, like murder, forgiving isn't always necessary.