Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Healing Power of Holding a Grudge Response- James Riseborough

Healing Power of a Grudge Response

I partially agree with Simon Doonan on this topic. There are times in the article when Doonan says that holding a grudge is healthy. That statement alone I don't agree with. In the past experiences of my life I've found that many people make mistakes. I've also found that when you hold a grudge against someone for a mistake, or when someone holds a grudge against you for a mistake it really only drags out the problem. However, on page 2 paragraph 5, Doonan states "If some drunken jerk wants to pick a fight or insults your choice of shoe, then by all means turn the other cheek. But rape and murder? Not so much." I do agree with this statement. Some things are unforgivable or at least very very hard to forgive. If someone murdered my dad there is no way, ever, that you would see me forgive them. So I am not black or white in this situation on whether I agree or disagree that holding a grudge is good. I'm in between believing that in certain more minor cases you shouldn't hold a grudge. I do believe that when more dramatic circumstances happen, like murder, forgiving isn't always necessary. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Suli Breaks Video Response

In the Suli Breaks video I found I thought the message was this: 
What I got from this video was that your setbacks aren't necessarily failures. By no means do I mean that Suli says that its ok to not strive to do well. He empathizes the fact to do good in school and the fact that the info learned will be beneficial towards your future. But he also says that the setbacks aren't failures. Suli says how just because Charrel couldn't do the sums doesn't mean she's dumb. He goes on to say that an exam result doesn't make you what you are. Just because I could get a 60% on a History test doesn't mean that I'm stupid and lost because I could go ahead and pull a 100% on a math test. Cue the title "I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate". In total I agree with Suli that just because I don't know the names of Julius Caesars murderers, or other information like that, doesn't mean that I will fail in life. As you can see, this was the message that I took from the video. 

However, what I saw in the video was Suli Breaks given numerous examples of why society is wrong he gave examples why society is wrong like, how society doesn't support abortion yet looks down on teen parents or that society is wrong for making exam results decide who you are. He says much in this video of how society is misleading you and that you need to be able to think independently and that being able to do that is the most important life skill. He also goes on about how society is misleading not only students but parents when he says that the boys mom will lie to him because that what society wants her to do. Therefore, what I saw Suli saying was how majority of people are being mislead by society.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Conflicts between parents and children during Hitlers rule.

When Hitler was in rule it created conflicts between child and parent such as, the difference between parent and child belief in Hitler. Hitler had mass appeal to children in his propaganda spread. The propaganda spread made Hitler look like the superhero every kid looked up to. He was everywhere in a kids life throughout the Hitler youth club, and even in schools. However, the parents weren't brought up with Hitler being there prime role model. Parents got look at as secondary, with Hitler being every child's number one. This created conflicts because parents don't want to be looked as secondary. They want to craft their child to be how they wanted them to be, not how Hitler wanted them to be. Another factor that created conflict was that some parents didn't even agree with Hitlers politics. Even more conflict between child and parent was created here because kids would come home knowing and believing things their parents didn't want them to know! Between the two conflicts of disagreement in Hitlers politics and the parents becoming unimportant it created a lot of conflict between parent and child.