Friday, September 25, 2015

Conflicts between parents and children during Hitlers rule.

When Hitler was in rule it created conflicts between child and parent such as, the difference between parent and child belief in Hitler. Hitler had mass appeal to children in his propaganda spread. The propaganda spread made Hitler look like the superhero every kid looked up to. He was everywhere in a kids life throughout the Hitler youth club, and even in schools. However, the parents weren't brought up with Hitler being there prime role model. Parents got look at as secondary, with Hitler being every child's number one. This created conflicts because parents don't want to be looked as secondary. They want to craft their child to be how they wanted them to be, not how Hitler wanted them to be. Another factor that created conflict was that some parents didn't even agree with Hitlers politics. Even more conflict between child and parent was created here because kids would come home knowing and believing things their parents didn't want them to know! Between the two conflicts of disagreement in Hitlers politics and the parents becoming unimportant it created a lot of conflict between parent and child.