Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Healing Power of Holding a Grudge Response- James Riseborough

Healing Power of a Grudge Response

I partially agree with Simon Doonan on this topic. There are times in the article when Doonan says that holding a grudge is healthy. That statement alone I don't agree with. In the past experiences of my life I've found that many people make mistakes. I've also found that when you hold a grudge against someone for a mistake, or when someone holds a grudge against you for a mistake it really only drags out the problem. However, on page 2 paragraph 5, Doonan states "If some drunken jerk wants to pick a fight or insults your choice of shoe, then by all means turn the other cheek. But rape and murder? Not so much." I do agree with this statement. Some things are unforgivable or at least very very hard to forgive. If someone murdered my dad there is no way, ever, that you would see me forgive them. So I am not black or white in this situation on whether I agree or disagree that holding a grudge is good. I'm in between believing that in certain more minor cases you shouldn't hold a grudge. I do believe that when more dramatic circumstances happen, like murder, forgiving isn't always necessary. 

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