Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mob Mentality in Lord of The Flies

In Lord of The Flies, a massive concept is mob mentality. The whole books plot basically relies upon mob mentality. Although mob mentality has made a destructive name for its self in the past with a number of protests; mob mentality can be beneficial to people and especially the people stuck on the island in LOTF. An example of this good mob mentality is hunting for the pig. When Jack and all of his followers jump on the pig and kill it, that was mob mentality. Jack alone wouldn't have killed that pig on his own, and especially not in such a brutal manner. This was beneficial towards the community because now they have meat to eat. However, turning 180 degrees from that is what they used the pig for. They took the pig, cut its head off, and piked it on a steak. What a barbaric thing to do!! From kids who are just twelve! Obviously, barbaric or not, no kid would've just cut off a pigs head and staked it! This was the mob mentality kicking in and the boys losing their sense of self control. These are the positive and negative aspects of mob mentality in Lord of The Flies.

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